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There are a number of incredible benefits of the Instituteís Program!  They are:



                You will miss some work but probably not as much as you might

                miss in a part-time or full-time doctoral program. You wonít have to

                move to a university offering a doctoral program. Most of your work

                will be done at home.  Tuition is the same for all participants and

                there is no in state or out of state differential in costs.


        Combining Work with Pleasure

                Course meetings will be held in resort communities. You can

                combine your doctoral work with a family vacation.  Evenings are

                your own.


        The Program is Unique

                The program prepares you to practice and do research with

                diverse populations. To our knowledge, no other doctoral program

                in the country has this emphasis.


        The Program is Cost Effective

                At $250 per unit, we think we compare favorably with most traditional

                doctoral programs in the country.


        Student Autonomy is Supported

                We value your input and the arrangements you make for the program

                that insure your individuality.


        No Bureaucracy

                The bureaucracy that exists in many university-based program

                will not exist in ours. You will have maximum input into the program.


        The Programís Use of the Strengths Perspective and

        Evidence-Based Practice

                This assures you of a very unique and cutting edge experience.


        Graduate in Two years

                If you come with a research project and you are very focused, you

                can graduate in 2 years. In many traditional programs, graduation

                may take 3-5 years or more.


        A High Quality Faculty

                Unlike traditional programs where you have to work with existing

                faculty, our faculty members are chosen from a nation-wide pool.

                If student feedback is negative, instructors will not be used again.

                You determine the instructor pool.


        Administration of the Program

                Dr. Glicken is a very skilled and experienced administrator. There

                will be no bureaucratic mix-ups or interferences.  The program will

                have very few rules and our only concern is that you receive a high

                quality, highly applicable education. We assure you that the Institute

                will offer very positive references and support job searches if you

                complete the program in good standing.


        Can You teach with a Degree From The Institute?

                We will do everything in our power to insure that employers hold

                your degree in high esteem. Given our curriculum and our instructors,

                we believe we will be a highly recognized program offering a very

                unique and valuable educational experience.


        Financial Assistance

                We must have 10 students per course to break even.  If there are

                more than 10 students in a class, we can offer a reduced fee.  In

                some instances, we can barter for use of homes or free meeting

                sites for reduced course fees.


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