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Workshops in Mexico for Professionals


Working Effectively with Newly Migrated Mexican Nationals: 

A Professional Workshop Held in Cuernavaca, Mexico


February & July


The Workshop

        The purpose of this 2-week workshop is to help teachers, attorneys, school

        counselors, social workers,

        psychologists, public health

        workers, business executives,

        human resource professionals,

        physicians, nurses, board

        members of social agencies,

        undergraduate and graduate

        students in any of these fields,

        and others interested in learning

        about contemporary Mexican life

        so that they can improve their

        understanding of the social and emotional needs of newly migrated

        Mexican Nationals. The workshop will be offered twice: February & July

        at the Cemanahuac Educational Community in beautiful Cuernavaca,

        Mexico, “The City of Eternal Spring.”  Cost of the program, less airfare

        and miscellaneous expenses is: $1,458.  An optional independent study

        program with Dr. Glicken is also available as are 3 Professional

        Development Credits (EDUC’S) from California State University, San



        Using knowledgeable and experienced Mexican professionals as guest

        lecturers and Dr. Morley D. Glicken, a well known social work educator

        and author, the workshop will provide over 24 hours of course content in

        the following areas: ethnically sensitive work with Hispanic clients;

        relevant family and gender issues; the political, religious, historical, legal,

        and socio-economic context of life in Mexico; Mexican/U.S. relations; the

        Mexican educational and health systems; folk healing; Mexican literature

        and what it tells us about contemporary Mexican life; and Mexican

        approaches to life that will sensitize participants to contemporary Mexican

        life and the ways of viewing the world held by newly migrated Mexicans.

        By offering the course in Mexico, participants will develop a broad

        awareness of the reality of Mexican life and the experiences that shape

        the lives of Mexican immigrants in the United States. 


        In addition to the workshop, participants will take 40 hours of immersion

        Spanish, live and take meals with a Mexican family, have an opportunity

        to visit a number of interesting and often astonishing archeological and

        cultural sites in and around Mexico City, and meet other professionals

        from around the country.


Workshop Leader

        Your workshop leader is Dr. Morley D. Glicken, DSW. Dr. Glicken is an

        internationally known social worker and author. He is the former Dean of

        the Worden School of Social Service in San Antonio and the original

        Director of the MSW Program at California State University, San

        Bernardino. Dr. Glicken is currently the Executive Director of the Institute

        for Personal Growth: A Training, Counseling and Research Cooperative in

        Los Angeles. He is well known for his books on Evidence-Based Practice,

        Working with Troubled Men, Social Research, Resilience, and the

        Strengths Perspective. Dr. Glicken taught a similar workshop in Mexico

        several years ago.


Friendships and Social Life

        Many people who have taken Spanish at Cemanahuac make life-long

        friends from among the several hundred people attending various programs

        each week. There are numerous opportunities to meet interesting

        professionals from the U.S., Mexico, and from many other countries.

        Cuernavaca is an ideal place for participants and their families since it

        has abundant restaurants, shops, galleries, and cultural events. Its

        close proximity to Mexico City allows for low cost travel, not only to

        Mexico City, but also to Acapulco, the silver city of Taxco, the enchanted

        city of Tepotzlan, and many other famous and exciting resorts,

        communities, and anthropological sites. Low cost field trips are

        scheduled by Cemanahuac to such destinations as the Anthropological

        Museum in Mexico City, the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, the

        homes of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and the famous murals by Diego

        Rivera at the Presidential Palace in Mexico City, to name just a few. 

        You will never feel lonely or bored when you attend this 2-week program.


Immersion Spanish

        Participants will take 40 hours of immersion Spanish during the two-week

        workshop. Placement examinations will help determine your level of

        Spanish so that you can be placed

        in an appropriate class. Spanish

        is taught Monday through Friday

        from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM by

        experienced instructors in

        classes of no more than 5

        students. Spanish conversation

        classes for professionals are also

        available from 1:00-2:00 PM daily

        increasing the number of hours

        participants can take in Spanish to 55 hours.  Immersion Spanish means

        that only Spanish is spoken in class.   


Living with a Mexican Family

        You will live with a wonderful Mexican family during the workshop.

        Workshop fees cover your room and board. By living with a Mexican family,

        you will learn about family life, practice your Spanish, and experience

        family gatherings, celebrations, and family interactions. The fee you pay is

        based upon double occupancy. If you would like to have your own room,

        the cost is an additional $9.00 a day.


The Weather

        The weather in Cuernavaca is cool and dry in the winter and warm with

        some rain in the summer. In general, the weather is beautiful.


Workshop Objectives

         1.    To learn about, recognize, and appreciate the rich mosaic of Mexican

                 traditions and customs.

    2.    To recognize cultural, religious, historical and socio-economic factors

           that affect Mexicans today.

    3.    To understand the impact of socio-cultural and economic factors in

           the development of Mexican identity.

    4.    To interact with Mexican Nationals in ways that help participants

           appreciate Mexican life.

    5.    To improve an understanding of contemporary Mexican/U.S.        


    6.    To understand forces that foster Mexican emigration to the United


    7.    To develop skill in using Spanish with clients, patients, students, and

           for personal use.

    8.    To understand the most effective ways of relating to Mexican clients,

           students, patients, and consumers.


Course Topics

        Your class will be held Mondays through Thursdays from 4:00-7:00 PM

        providing 8 class meetings of 3 hours each. All

        readings will be e-mailed to you at least a

        month in advance so that you can do much of

        the reading before class begins. Many guest

        speakers will be Mexican citizens who have

        advanced degrees from prestigious schools in

        the United States and are very knowledgeable

        and experienced in their fields. If you would

        like to do an independent study program in

        addition to regular class meetings, Dr. Glicken

        can arrange this for you. The following are the

        class topics to be covered, but not necessarily

        in this order.


        Topic 1:  A History of Mexico (guest speaker).


        Topic 2:  Why Mexican Nationals Immigrate to the United States; what

        they bring by way of work ethic, educational competence, health problems,

        and an understanding of American laws and customs (guest speaker).


        Topic 3:  The Mexican Educational System. The level of education many

        Mexican Nationals have when they enter the United States and what needs

        to be augmented; Attitudes of Parents Toward Education (Guest Speaker).


        Topic 4:  The Mexican Health Care System and the Health and Mental

        Health Needs of Newly Immigrated Mexican Nationals (Amy Glicken).


        Topic 5:  The Non-Traditional Health Care System in Mexico; Curanderos,

        Brujos and Herbalists.; Religion and Spirituality in Mexico (Guest speaker).


        Topic 6:  Developing Effective Working Relationships with Newly

        Immigrated Mexican Students, Clients, Patients, and Consumers;

        Common Mental Health Problems and the Most Effective Ways of Helping

        Mexican Clients (See Dr. Glicken’s article on work with Hispanic clients in

        your readings (Dr. Glicken).


        Topic 8:  Counseling and Psychotherapy with Newly Immigrated Mexican

        Nationals in Crisis (Dr. Glicken)


        Topic 9:  Mexican family life; parenting styles; ways of handling discipline;

        the role of men and women in Mexican life; help when family life becomes

        impaired; family abuse and substance abuse treatment (Guest Speaker

        and Dr. Glicken).


        Topic 10:  Understanding contemporary Mexican life, culture, traditions,

        and politics from Mexican literature and films (Guest Speaker).


        Topic 11:  Contemporary Political Forces in Mexico. Will they lead to less

        immigration, better educational preparation, and better health? (Guest



        Topic 12:  The Business Atmosphere in Mexico. Does it hold promise for

        higher wages and better living conditions? Will it affect immigration and the

        political process? (Guest Speaker).


        Topic 13: Future Relations between Mexico and the United States;

        creative ways of dealing with the issue of illegal immigration; trading

        partners.  (Guest Speaker)


        Topic 14: The Future of Mexico and its Impact on the United States

        (Guest Speaker). Summary, Goodbyes, and Fiesta (Dr. Glicken, Amy

        Glicken, and the staff of Cemanahuac).







        The winter workshop will be held in February & the summer

        workshop will be held in July. 


        Monday to Friday

        Breakfast with Host Family: 7:00- 8:00 AM

        Spanish Class: 9:00 AM –1:00 PM at Cemanahuac Language School

        Optional Conversational Spanish for Professionals: 1:00-2:30 PM

        Optional Independent Study Program with Dr. Glicken: 2:30-4:00 PM


        Lunch with Host Family: 2:00-3:00 PM (but if you prefer to stay at

        Cemanahuac, you can arrange for your host family to provide a sack lunch)

        Professional Workshop: 4:00-7:00 PM at Cemanahuac Educational

        Community (Monday-Thursday)

        Dinner with Host Family: 8:00-9:00 PM


        Dining and Dancing at Select Local Restaurants!


        Saturdays and Sundays

        Your fees include 2 weekend field trips to various anthropological and

        cultural sites in and around Mexico City and Cuernavaca, but you may

        choose to take more.  Meals are still served by your host family and

        some participants may choose to stay in Cuernavaca and do walking

        tours of the city, shop, attend the Mariachi Mass at the Central Cathedral,

        or see the many interesting historical and archeological sites in and

        around Cuernavaca on their own. Bus and taxi services are very



Click here to see a more detailed schedule!




Fees paid directly to Cemanahuac Educational Community

        $1,158.00: Includes registration, Spanish language instruction, room and

        board with your host family, Spanish textbook, 2 weekend field trips, and a

        fiesta. This fee is paid directly to Cemanahuac Educational Community.

        For application material contact Ms. Vivian Harvey at  



Fees Paid directly to Dr. Glicken

        $300: The professional workshop fee, which is paid directly to Dr. Glicken

        at: 932 W. Rosser Street, Prescott, AZ  86305.


Total Workshop Fees

        Total Workshop Fees: $1,158+ $300=$1,458


Optional Fees

        Independent Study: $200

        If you would like to do an independent study program with Dr. Glicken, the

        fee is $200 in addition to the $300 Program Fee and is to be paid to Dr.

        Glicken at the above address. Topics might include work with abusive

        men and women; applying the strengths perspective to work with Hispanic

        clients; counseling and psychotherapy with Hispanic Clients in crisis,

        and others. Participants would meet with Dr. Glicken from 2:30 PM-4:00

        PM Monday-Thursday individually or in small groups. Readings will be

        e-mailed well in advance of the workshop. This program would be

        particularly helpful for those participants interested in specialized work in

        counseling and psychotherapy with Hispanic clients.


        EDUC’S:  $63-$189

        Up to 3 Professional Development credits are available on site from

        California State University, San Bernardino at $63 per credit for each

        10 hours of instruction. Participants can take from 1-3 EDUC’s. For

        more information, contact Dennis Robertson at: denrob@csusb.edu.


Other Indirect Expenses Paid by Participants

        Airfare: Estimated cost $300-$600 depending on where you live in the



        Miscellaneous Expenses in Mexico (airport transfers, local bus fares,

        cabs, meals taken at restaurants, fiestas, washing clothes, additional field

        trips, etc.): Estimated expenses $200-$300.


Whom to Contact for Further Information

        For information about the professional workshop, please contact Dr. Morley

        Glicken at mglicken@msn.com or at 520-288-0355.


        For information about life in Mexico, housing, immersion Spanish, cost of

        services in Mexico, or any questions pertaining to Cemanahuac

        Educational Community, contact Ms. Vivian Harvey at:



        Many of the questions pertaining to Cemanahuac Educational Community

        can be answered by accessing their website at www.cemanahuac.com.





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