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Workshops in Mexico for the Public


The Wonders of Mexico: 

Workshops Held in Cuernavaca, Mexico

with Dr. Morley Glicken


February & July


The Workshop

        Dr. Glicken will be offering Workshops to the public focusing on his books,

        Remembering Zion and Ending the Sex Wars: A Woman’s Guide to

        Understanding Men. The workshop will be held at the Cemanahuac

        Educational Community in

        beautiful Cuernavaca, Mexico,

        “The City of Eternal Spring.”

        The focus of the workshop is

        to learn more about yourself,

        your creative abilities, and to

        explore the wonders of Mexico.

        The workshop is offered twice:

        February and July. This

        brochure describes the 1

        week program.


        Your workshop fee of $874 includes meals and room with a Mexican

        family; an evening of discovering culinary delights in Cuernavaca; a field trip

        to the silver city of Taxco; a real Mexican fiesta; a field trip to a wonders of

        Mexico archeological or cultural site in and around Mexico City; 26-hours

        of workshop material helping you learn more about yourself, Mexico, and

        your creative gifts; an opportunity to meet many other interesting people

        from around the world and to discover the true wonders of Mexico.


About Dr. Glicken, Your Workshop Leader

        Your workshop leader is Dr. Morley D. Glicken, DSW. Dr. Glicken is an

        internationally known social work educator, therapist and author. He is the

        former Dean of the Worden School of Social Work in San Antonio and the

        original Director of the MSW Program at California State University, San

        Bernardino. Dr. Glicken is currently the Executive Director of the Institute

        for Personal Growth: A Training, Consulting, and Counseling, Cooperative

        in Los Angeles. He is well known for his many books on mental health,

        relationship problems between men and women, and his spiritual love



Friendships and Social Life      

        Many people who have taken attended

        workshops at Cemanahuac make life-

        long friends from among the several

        hundred people attending various

        programs each week. Cuernavaca

        is an ideal place for participants since

        it has abundant restaurants, shops,

        galleries, and cultural events. Its close

        proximity to Mexico City allows for

        low cost travel, not only to Mexico City,

        but also to Acapulco, the silver city of

        Taxco, the enchanted city of  Tepotzlan,

        and many other famous and exciting resorts, communities, and

        anthropological sites. Low cost field trips are scheduled by Cemanahuac

        to such destinations as the Anthropological Museum in Mexico City, the

        Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, the homes of Diego Rivera and Frida

        Kahlo, and the famous murals by Diego Rivera at the Presidential Palace

        in Mexico City, to name just a few.  You will never feel lonely or bored

        when you attend this 1-week program.


Living with a Mexican Family       

        You will live with a wonderful Mexican family during the workshop.

        Workshop fees cover your room and board. By living with a Mexican family,

        you will learn about family life and experience family gatherings,

        celebrations, and family



The Weather

        The weather in Cuernavaca is

        beautiful: Cool and dry in the

        winter and warm and sometimes

        rainy at night in the summer.

        Cuernavaca is a mile high, and

        while it is lush and tropical, the

        weather is also very moderate.


Workshop Topics

        Your workshop will be held Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

        & 2:00 PM-5:00 PM providing 26 hours of material provided by Dr. Glicken

        and by guests speakers and hosts. The following are the workshop topics:


        Topic 1:  A History of Mexico with an emphasis on the development of

        Latino art and literature. (guest speaker).


        Topic 2 & 3:  Mexican Literature: The love novels and poems of Mexico

        and Latin America (Guest Speaker).


        Topic 4:  A Field Trip to the Pyramids of the Sun or another cultural site

        near Mexico City (Sunday. Guest Host).


        Topic 5:  A Field Trip to Taxco and an opportunity to buy very exquisite but

        reasonably priced silver jewelry. (Tuesday, Noon and on. Guest Host).


        Topic 6 & 7:  A creative writing workshop: Developing writing ideas & using

        the creative process to learn about yourself.


        Topic 8:  The secrets of cooking Mexican food: A hands on experience

        (Guest Chef).


        Topic 9:  An evening of culinary delights as we explore the wonder of

        Mexican cuisine. (Wednesday Night).


        Topic 10:  Curanderos & Brujas:  Faith healers, Witches, and Latino

        Mysticism (Guest Speaker).


        Topic 11:  The Artists of Mexico: A walking tour of the art found in

        Cuernavaca (Guest Host).


        Topic 12:  Bibilotherapy: Learning about yourself through the use of

        selected novels, poems, films and art.


        Topic 13:  Dancing, Eating and Singing, Mexican Style: A Real Mexican

        Fiesta!!!! (Friday Night)





        Saturday To Saturday

        Saturday: Arrive, Meet Your Host Family and Dr. Glicken, Settle in

        Sunday: An all day Field Trip



        Breakfast with Host Family: 7:30- 9:00 AM

        Monday-Friday: The Wonders of Mexico Workshop: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM &

        2:00-5:00 PM at Cemanahuac Language School

        Tuesday: Noon and on: A Field Trip to The Silver City of Taxco

        Wednesday Evening: 5:00 PM and on: The Culinary Delights of Cuernavaca

        Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: Dinner with Host

        Family 8:00-9:00 PM Or, Dining and Dancing at Select Local Restaurants!

        Friday Evening: 5:00 PM and on: Fiesta!!!!


        Note:  You can stay an extra day and do an additional field trip on your

        own Saturday


Click here to see a more detailed schedule!




Fees paid directly to Cemanahuac Educational Community

        $574.00: This fee for 1 week includes registration,  room and board with

        your host family (based on double occupancy), 2 field trips, the culinary

        delights evening, and the fiesta. If you would like a private room the

        additional cost is $63. This fee is paid directly to Cemanahuac Educational

        Community. For workshop application material contact Ms. Vivian Harvey

        at cemanahuac1@cs.com.


Fees Paid directly to Dr. Glicken

        $300.00: The workshop fee, which is paid directly to Dr. Morley D. Glicken

        at: 932 W. Rosser Street, Prescott, Arizona  86305. Fees must be

        paid at least 6 weeks before the start of the workshop.


        Total Cost of the Workshop: $574 + $300= $874


Other Expenses

        Airfare: Estimated cost $300-$600 depending on where you live in the



        Miscellaneous Expenses in Mexico (airport transfers, local bus fares,

        cabs, meals taken at restaurants, additional field trips, etc.): Estimated

        expenses $100-$300.


Whom to Contact for Further Information

        For information about the Wonders of Mexico Workshop, please contact

        Dr. Morley Glicken at mglicken@msn.com or at 520-288-0355.


        For information about life in Mexico, housing, immersion Spanish, cost of

        services in Mexico, or any questions pertaining to Cemanahuac

        Educational Community, contact Ms. Vivian Harvey at:



        Many of the questions pertaining to Cemanahuac Educational Community

        can be answered by accessing their website at www.cemanahuac.com.







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